Some work soil.     I work soul.


Any claim made by force or deceit

        eventually destroys itself.


And, all that is underground

eventually surfaces. 

I saw clear-cuts of the Pacific Northwest in person for the first time in 1998 after spending three days exploring the forest around Breitenbush Hot Springs. I knew then that to call for cutting the forest like that, a man must be severed from himself, severed from his own rhythms. The laborer ordered to make the cut legitimately strives to ensure food and shelter directly or for pay. The laborer's hands are clean.

Images: 'Giants Grieving' (top) and 'Scars' (bottom), still photo overlays from Wildfire: a love story; Calaveras Big Trees photos ©2013 Jack Gescheidt  

She wondered, How long will they last trading seed for gold?