Any claim made by force or deceit 

        eventually destroys itself. 

See Freyja’s Promise 


Soul is a piece of work

in progress

'Pierced' still image from Freyja's Promise; footage overlay with Tusker photo ©2015 Wildworks Photography 

It is estimated that, in Africa, a tusker is killed every fifteen minutes for ivory. Much of the profit from the sale of poached ivory goes to support militants. For ivory, elephants have had their faces hacked off while they were still alive. Freyja’s Promise opens with the great Norse goddess' rage for the slaying of elephant, and ruin of forest and field in exchange for gold, then moves to Freyja's dance, sealing her vow to regenerate forest and field.

'Scars' still image from Wildfire: a love story; overlay with Calaveras Big Trees photos ©2013 Jack Gescheidt  

I saw clear-cuts of the Pacific Northwest in person for the first time in 1998. I knew then that to call for cutting the forest like that, a man must be severed from himself. The laborer is not severed as he labors to ensure his food and shelter directly or for pay. The laborer's hands are clean.

Wildfire: a love story is a very personal piece that came through in love with ancient forest and someone who touches me as deeply as my memory of big trees. The film is a reflection of pure love like wildfire; love that clears all fear that somehow the person is unloved and unlovable because of something that happened; love that proves the one to long for is the all-benevolent presence of which the person is born and to which the person dies. Call this presence whatever you will. I call this presence Light.