On the verge, birthing anew.

Project VIRGin includes a Healing Circle that supports children, women, and men who are healing from sexual trauma - personal violation and/or violation of their watershed communities.

Included below is an interview conducted after filming VIRGIN, November 2013 that offers some on the project intention. VIRGIN (2014/2017) was produced as part of my healing process and offers a good bit of the project vibe.

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VIRGIN Interview 11.27.2013


      "Virgin was a label of strength and independence. 

                              Virginity was once a term of power."

                                              - Palo Alto Medical Foundation        

VIRGIN (2014/2017)

VIRGIN began as a spontaneous collaboration between artists, Clare Hedin, Suellen Primost, Megan Hollingsworth, and redwoods of what is now Oakland California. The production of VIRGIN is with thanks to financial and/or creative contributions from the following:

Charlotte Fuller
Kathleen Rouleau
Kathleen Leachman
Ernest Reed
Deborah Bowers
B.J. West
Dave Hampton
Catherine Campion
Cristina Russo
Pollyanna Darling
Jazmine Raymond
Carolee Carlson
Jennifer Weiss
Maureen Freehill
Gloria Gypsy
Clare Hedin
Suellen Primost
Beverly Pitzer Markiewicz
Dan Jason
Kristin Tieche
Judy b.
Ben Raby
Alexi Francis


Photos on this page:

'Without You' - 'Discovery Tree' and Megan Hollingsworth, Calaveras Big Trees State Park, photo copyright 2013 Jack Gescheidt.

'Merciful' - still overlay from VIRGIN. 'Merciful' is also featured at RONA16, hosted by Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA).