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Asking. Receiving. and Acting.

Prayers don't wash the dishes or dismantle the weapons or nurture the children. Helping hands do the work.

But who prays that their presence be unnecessary when help is needed? 

Life's foundation is in common miracles that happen through gracefully synchronized mundane actions.

When we pray for guidance and clarity as to what is helpful and needed, we receive answers in a variety of metaphors and symbols.

Following through with action then allows us to be the common miracles we were born to be.

And a traumatized child is untrustworthy because they've lost faith in themselves and others, thus in Spirit.

Photo of Albatross Copyright 2012 Chris Jordan, shared with artist's permission

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Conversation with Azul-Valerie Thome

'Conversation with Grief' ~ with Megan Hollingsworth is part of a series of interviews with women and men engaging fully with our collapsing world, our dying systems, our collective grief and with our deep longing to fully participate in our world in ways of soul, imagination and beauty."

~ Azul-Valerie Thome / SOULand

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Frog Song or DDT

"Currently 41% of amphibian species
are threatened with extinction,

making amphibians the most threatened
group of vertebrates.

Threats facing amphibians, such as habitat loss,
pollution and disease, have lead to

drastic declines in species globally."
- Steve Allain, amphibian biologist
'Grieving Amphibians' 

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Bioneers 2016 Highlights

My own agenda during Bioneers 2016 was directed as much by my passion for interspecies and intraspecies peacemaking as by trauma and to receive support for my healingThankfully, Bioneers conference serves this personal agenda with understanding that one's personal health status reflects and contributes to the community's health status. These are some of my highlights with link to official Bioneers highlights provided.

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