Mothering Culture - Sobonfu Somé by Megan Hollingsworth

"Joys are joys of the collective. Problems are problems of the collective." - Sobonfu Somé

In this 2014 talk, Sobonfu Somé offers reflection on how her village functions due to the oneness worldview. In addition to the wisdom she offers, Sobonfu carries the seed of that wisdom, which means her offering is whole.

This wisdom seed is energy, a vibration realized in compassion's all-knowing joy and sorrow arising from and giving rise to the vibration of gratitude, which yields abundance. Sobonfu heals with her presence alone. And I'm so grateful that she and others have endured the pains of leaving home that many may see and experience in person what it is to carry one's essence fully despite the challenges imposed by a culture of separateness and false borders.

Empowering women ultimately means bringing the mothering culture back into fullness. The mothering culture is a culture that prioritizes all children as if they are, as they are, one child. The mothering culture knows no favorites and spoils none unless all. I'm curious to see if those who have been spoiled in something else will truly embrace mothers like Sobonfu and me.

A (M)otherworld is Possible: Two Feminist Visions: Matriarchal Studies and the Gift Paradigm Sobonfu Somé (Burkina Faso, Africa) The Gift of Mothering - See more at:

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"Guilt is narcissistic, don't waller in it" - David Hawkins

Voice First - Gratitude Request by Megan Hollingsworth

Since 2013, I've devoted anything offered me toward maintaining a presence online, even when without food security for myself. This is because the voice is my priority.

The voice first, and then the child, is the 'why' my body exists. For my son was born to his mother. Not another.

Grateful to be in a position for a spell where I no longer need to choose between eating and existing i.e. Freedom of Speech and requesting support now to cover footage costs to complete a film and much more! 

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Bioneers 2016 Highlights by Megan Hollingsworth

My own agenda during Bioneers 2016 was directed as much by my passion for interspecies and intraspecies peacemaking as by trauma and to receive support for my healingThankfully, Bioneers conference serves this personal agenda with understanding that one's personal health status reflects and contributes to the community's health status. These are some of my highlights with link to official Bioneers highlights provided.

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