One / by Megan Hollingsworth

Please tell me the details of a life, I want to know what it is to weep.

Speak to me of a baby elephant who lost her mother to poachers and learned

to trust again; Introduce me to

the grown man who convinced this baby elephant

it is still great to be alive. Let me see the 18 month old girl who survived

the tornado in Arkansas sheltered by her parent’s dead bodies; 

Let me watch this girl grow to be

a woman with dandelion's sense of color and detoxifying strength.

Let me listen at the door of the closet where inside

a daughter sits huddled on the floor

grieving the loss of her mother, business partner and best friend all in one,

all at once; Let me say to her, 

I hear you and  have not a clue how much pain you are in.

Whisper something close so that I may feel again.  

The earthquake killed nearly 9000 and injured

many more in Nepal. Please let me know,

really know, one.

Note: All stories in One were reported in one issue of The Week spring 2015. Numbers numb me.

see Dam Numb Ers