WARP / by Megan Hollingsworth

Her face in the mirror looked so dog ugly atop the fit frame. She who imagined

herself from inside out eventually made the distortion true. A mirror reflects

whatever you say. She made up her fat face and starved her body until the day

her heart stopped. She died a woman who refused to eat ice cream

because the camera lens adds an inch too far from a world where

shrouded women risk their lives for a taste of pleasure 

and mothers rock babes too weak to cry at a dry breast.

Her thought was, for better or worse,

always the warp.




*In recent weeks, I've encountered a few women who have stunning facial features and anorexic bodies. These women have reminded me of my state of mind and opinion of myself when I was anorexic/exercise bulimic during college. Warp is written for every human being who has ever been deprived spiritual support and emotional nourishment, which is inclusive of physical needs.