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dance at the grave

The original Extinction Witness blog site (2012) read 'please join in this dance at the grave'. That invitation is now housed at in this short film, FALSE SUN or SOS, featuring the poem Knock On My Door voiced herein as originally written summer 2014.

"Satao would have been just another poaching statistic, but for his tusks. When he died, he had possibly the largest tusks in the world." - Mark Deeble / 'Satao - the enigma' May 2015 opening verse, False Sun and poem, Knock On My Door (2014) written & voiced by Megan Hollingsworth / with end quote from Britt-Mari Näsström translation of 'Torvisan in Freyja' song: Only One of Us Here Vocals: Clare Hedin, Teri Hitt, Corrine Champigny and Eddi Kenny Shruti: Clare Hedin recorded by Brian Hardin photos: Abstract Field ©Tom Murphy / Tuskers (except Satao) ©2015 Bruce Reynolds / Satao © Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone / Carcass Images from Ushirikiano (2011) by Chris Jordan / footage: Freyja’s Waltz (2015) performed by Megan Hollingsworth camera, Thayne Ulschmid directed and edited by Megan Hollingsworth