mother & scribe

Melting Pot

Already she is unrecognizable to herself. Homogenized.
What defined her in detail,
like the limits of the seashore
and edges of life zones by elevation, precise
hexagons of her comb blurred. Fixed is in motion
softened down and confused, readied to become. Her tongue
foreign to her speaks for the first time, translates
emotion to syllables to words
Single words with meaning together and apart, momentarily meaningless
beyond inflection.
Unrecognizable to herself but for this adaptation
some eternal character to be reformed
when water holding her
heats just enough. Formless she rises to surface
in wait for some genius of hand to shape her
asking as she always does in the meltdown

What shall be kept to remember me by?

originally posted 10.25.14 with thoughts on the primacy of language
and posted 4.26.2016 in
Bridge the Gap



6.2.1924, Congress gave Native Americans citizenship. Melting Pot was written with genocide as well as healing in mind. I want to see more than gesture. I want to see more honesty recorded in statements like "slavery launched modern capitalism and turned the U.S. into the wealthiest country in the world." The healing reflected in Melting Pot is not only that between races and nations, but of individual bodies through which blood pulses with a unique record of the entire tragedy.

Melting Pot is informed by an Ayurvedic treatment called Pancha Karma that involves a 'melting down' and reformation of the physiology through a series of purification practices over the course of several weeks, at the center of which the person receives massage and enemas for several days in a row. Earth's physical state now feels like this single body being melted down.

When the blood runs toxic, Pancha Karma is as nasty a process as it is blissful. The stuff that comes out the back end is pure ugliness. The counter balance in the treatment is gentle luxurious massage in the most pleasant surroundings. Ayurveda is known for this nourishing aspect, which stems from an understanding of the subtle mental tensions from which physiological dysfunction arises.

Earth's meltdown is in progress and has been for many generations. Diluting the experience through the use of substances or mindless activity aggravates and stunts the purification and regeneration process, which includes grieving what has been lost in the mix to reveal the ever-lasting essence called light or creative energy. 

Nourishment and gentleness provide the way through.