Destiny / by Megan Hollingsworth

And the life was dwelling
Nowhere and everywhere
And the feeling was being
Alone and crowded
And the motion was moving
Fast to be stopped
Short of a destination
Beginning again slowly
To get somewhere
Other than here
Until arriving there, 
The still point of which everything arises
And for which everything gives way
Where one weeps
while watching a fly eat
from the spoon.

What is learned in school
Are but names, isolated facts and figures
That only books recall.
What is retained of that learning
Is but how to dispense ketchup from a bottle
And a sense that more is missing.
Until the breath is lost, 
So that what it means to breathe is found. 

Then realized in a mind is the privilege
That a fly would see fit
To share the spoon, 
An elephant would trust enough
To invite his grief, 
And a sequoia would endow
The origin story.



note: The moment with fly in DESTINY is certainly brought to me by Joanne Lauck's affecting book, The VOICE of the INFINITE IN THE SMALL: Re-Visioning the Insect-Human Connection. There is, in Joanne's great work, appreciation for maggots, "In fact, without their services, we humans could not smell the roses for the stench of decaying matter." Joanne writes generously, recalling indigenous stories and infusing information with wisdom, while noting that flies have saved soldier's lives by cleaning wounds on the battlefield.

DESTINY is part response to reading this Indigenous Peoples Day UN focus on Peoples Right to Education. I would like to see this written as also a Right and Responsibility to Teach. What is being taught, how and why? What are people invited to participate in through the education they are offered? I'm appreciating and wanting to amplify this from the close of the article:

"UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, the UN Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples jointly called upon States to ensure discrimination-free and culturally-sensitive education systems for indigenous peoples, taking into account their languages, cultures and histories.

They also urged that States and indigenous peoples must work together to fulfil indigenous peoples' right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions."

A dream I had many years ago tells me that the resolution of present imbalances is one that requires the origin of indigenous knowledge and language to be recovered within human beings at large. Place-based knowledge derived of the origin no longer applies as communities shift in response to changes in temperature and season. So, there is a return to asking and listening for instructions.

The origin of indigenous wisdom is a navigational system, a way of relating by curiosity and uncertainty, thus accessing the mind's connection to all that is and what underlies all that is. This is commonly called intuition. And clear intuition requires a healthy body-mind. Stress compromises and stillness helps. As does asking and listening or watching for answers. This can be applied to navigating safely the forest, the internet, a crowded street, or a lonely street with an otherwise dangerous 'stranger to himself' lurking.

In DESTINY is also the matter of imposing written language and reading upon the human child. As I see it, integrating indigenous wisdom with this age of information looks like allowing the human child the imaginative, exploratory phase of development before imposing the written word. My experience as a young child and as it has been since Kundalini awakening 2012 is that both reading and writing pull the mind away from embodied experience where wisdom resides. Anything written lacks the experience of what gives rise to the writing. There are necessary gifts possible and essential skills gained during the imaginative phase of human brain development that may be compromised or all together lost if written language is too soon imposed on the process.