Mercy / by Megan Hollingsworth

Death is a certain mercy. Greater

when the very possibility of beauty

 is stamped out of the body. And

only in a darkened imagination

can possibility

be lost

to such emptiness

so that the mind collapses on itself

to remind the imagination of lightning.


note: Mercy is dedicated to Rinzin Dolma, a Tibetan Buddhist nun who hanged herself 7.20.2016 in response to a government-ordered demolition of the Larung Gar Buddhist Academy where she studied. Mercy is also with thoughts to all those who see no separation between themselves and their communities, and will thus die before abandoning themselves by relocation. And, Mercy notes the destruction of what appears to be in the creation of what will appear to be while the unbearable beauty's origin remains and is through the changing. Recommend reading Antonio Dias' 'More and's fragments...'