Grandmother's Cure / by Megan Hollingsworth

Anticipating complaints, a mother decided to walk alone

though she would miss the child's sweetness 

and arrived to the path hurried with just enough time to document

what she's been missing all these years


while waiting

for anything

from someone

at the window screen.


So, a skinny in the creek to kill the heat

left her running down the hill with too little time

for the still sleeping yellow flower

she stopped to capture for sharing

through the window screen.


One more frozen image

in a rush would cost her the phone

and leave the child waiting at the door without word

only to bring them together later by the flower

searching and talking.


"I wouldn't give up. Never give up, Mom.

At least we are together. You can have my phone. "


Walking, a mother remembered when there was no choice

but to bring the child with her and then

when there was no choice but to go alone.


Choosing alone and failing them both that afternoon 

she learned that if he were really gone

truly gone

she would miss his complaints enough

yellow flower captured with my old phone 4.12.2017

yellow flower captured with my old phone 4.12.2017

to carry him screaming

if she must

all the way up the hill to forever

so he could maybe too

see the flower for real


Note: On April 11, 2017, in celebration of my Grandmother Miriam who passed April 10, 2015, I decided to heed prompts from every direction that I get my body out and moving in the elements and away from the computer - 'window screen' - where I've spent the vast majority of every day beginning in 2013. Grandmother's priority during her final breaths was to keep the phone line free for receiving calls from my father. Desire is naturally trued to connection with others when we're near death. And there is nowhere near closer to death than birth. This is why I tend the two as one.