Treasures / by Megan Hollingsworth

Forests are complex collaborative communities.

Forests are no more wood factories than women are baby factories.

Treating forests as tree factories is a cruelty to community members,

including humans, who enjoy reciprocal relations to thrive.  

"These are the wildflowers of the Acadian forest. The trillium, the spring beauty, the bloodroot and lady slipper, once as abundant as the songbirds - now driven to the far recesses of their range. A priceless inheritance many Maritimers may never see, truly, the Treasures of the Old Forest". The film is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Albert E. Roland (1919-1991) who spoke for "the little plants" of the Great Acadian Forest. Original Script: Bruce Partridge, Direction & Cinematography: Henri Steeghs, Narration: Gay Hauser. Color-22 mins. Copyright 2005 Avalon & Meguma Natural History Films. / Forwarded by Dr. David Garbary (St. Francis Xavier University). Posted by David Patriquin with permission and on behalf of the Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society.