My primary focus is personal and collective peacekeeping. I write poems to transmute chronic grief associated with the exploitation and murder of innocents in the warring culture.


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Meg with monarch butterfly during release, Lost Species Day 2017

Meg with monarch butterfly during release, Lost Species Day 2017

megan [at] meganhollingsworth [dot] com

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& Published Work


Knock On My Door (WE ARE WELCOME) 2016

Poetry reading—Interspecies Intersectional Justice Conference, Whidbey Institute

Regeneration 2016

Opening Gratitudes—Creatively Mending Wounds, Cotati, California


The Fly, Destiny and the Meaning of Life MAY 2018

An answer to What is the meaning of life? at Excellence Reporter and LOVE: The Ultimate Answer to the Meaning of Life by Nicolae Tanase (JULY 2018):

“The love molecule, the feast of love, the grand reunion, the song of the soul, the universal force of love, the experience of true love, heartbeats, breath, destiny, chocolates, pure unlimited love, the breath of life, the art of love and faith, eternal light, the gift of unconditional love, remembering the divine source, beloved, Rumi, whispers of the heart, soaring as a soul, the wisdom of the heart, pouring love...... that’s what awaits you between the pages of this book. For Love alone is the Greatest Power.” - Nicolae Tanase

GRIEF and POETRY (Poetry as therapy) 2018

Interview on WATT NEXT? show at MARLOW FM 97.5


Thoughts on Hope as Grief at Lost Species Day blog

Grief and Water 2017

Conversation with Azul Thome at SOULand

First, a mother 2015  

Interview with Lise Weil at Dark Matter: Women Witnessing

Creatively Mending Wounds 2015

Conversation with Bonnie Bright at Depth Insights

The DP Interview 2013

with Chris Oestereich via The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale

Until We Grieve 2013

Interview with Sami Grover via TreeHugger

Leli & Clinging to Certainties, Belonging to Joy

Poem with Essay re: NTHE 2016 / Kosmos Journal Online

Pacific with commentary 2015

Poem with note, DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING, Issue #2. 'Fragile Ongoing'

'The Inequality of Wildness’

Essay in Wicked Problems Collaborative Book 1: what do we do about inequality? 

Riding the Bus 2015, Changing the Climate of Climate Talk 2014, What the World Requests 2014, Life is Our Cause 2012  

—Elephant Journal

Mourning the Loss of Nature—the Hope of Recovering Our Senses 2011

Natural Transitions Magazine, Fall 2011, Volume 1, Issue 3

Practicing Peace in a World of Impermanence, The Way (poem), Stone Love (poem) 2010

Spirit Rising: Young Quaker Voices, Quaker Press of Friends General Conference

Academics and Awards

2007 MS Environmental Studies

1997 BS Applied Health Science / High Distinction

2008 Grantee - Culture and Animals Foundation

Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) supported promotion and two performances of THE WHALE MEMORIAL DANCE multimedia tribute to cetaceans. CAF funds supported the production of DVDs for distribution and two performances: Indiana University Bloomington presented in conjunction with a lecture from Dr. Lori Marino on cetacean intelligence and sentience (April 2008) and performance during Naropa University’s Earth Day celebration (April 2011).