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My primary focus is peacekeeping. I believe no one is to blame. And everyone responsible. I write poems to transmute chronic grief associated with the exploitation and murder of innocents in the warring culture.



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In 2012, while in the virgining phase of my healing process, I initiated Extinction Witness global arts project of Empowerment WORKS Inc. to bear compassionate creative witness to the radical loss and love of this age  while amplifying compassionate personally and ecologically regenerative responses to systemic violence, pain, and suffering.

Extinction Witness project work has included film production, compassionate online presence, generative memorials, and an eighteen-month (February 2014 – September 2015) revolving creative witness with the extinct and critically endangered, including languages. The revolving witness, which followed as much as dictated my soul's path, included the work of several visual artists and a few other writers. My contribution was poetry and prose. The poetry is included in my first published poetry collection anticipated 2018. 

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Transcendental Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Quaker Service



Presentations &

Published Work


The Fly, Destiny and the Meaning of Life - my answer to What is the meaning of life? at Excellence Reporter

Suffering With: Grief Art & Peacekeeping 2018 on WATT NEXT? show at MARLOW FM 97.5

Grief and Water 2017 / with Azul Thome at SOULand

First, a mother 2015 / with Lise Weil at Dark Matter: Women Witnessing

Creatively Mending Wounds 2015 / with Bonnie Bright at Depth Insights

Project VIRGIN and Tree Sisters 2013 / with Beverly Pitzer of Tree Ring Productions 

The DP Interview 2013 / with Chris Oestereich via The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale


Regenerative Memorials 2017 / Lost Species Day, Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge, California

Knock On My Door - poetry reading 2016 / Interspecies Intersectional Justice Conference, Whidbey Institute, Washington

Regeneration & Refugees - Opening Gratitudes 2016 / Cotati, California

'Busted Open' 2014 / Tell Us Something; MCAT video: 'Busted Open' begins at 44:50

Published Work:

Raising The Great Mother 2017, Leli poem & Clinging to Certainties, Belonging to Joy essay re: NTHE 2016 / Kosmos Journal Online

Pacific with commentary 2015 / DARK MATTER: WOMEN WITNESSING, Issue #2. 'Fragile Ongoing'

'The Inequality of Wildness and Necessity of Wildness for Equality' in Wicked Problems Collaborative Book 1: what do we do about inequality? 

Riding the Bus 2015, Changing the Climate of Climate Talk 2014, What the World Requests 2014Life is Our Cause 2012  / Elephant Journal



Academics and Awards

2007 MS Environmental Studies

University of Montana, Missoula - grief studies, restorative justice, ecology, sociology, communications

1997 BS Applied Health Science / High Distinction

Indiana University, Bloomington - community environmental health, toxicology, Psychology, human ecology

2008 Grantee - Culture and Animals Foundation

Culture and Animals Foundation supported two performances and promotion of THE WHALE MEMORIAL DANCE, a multimedia tribute to cetaceans that spurred the initiation of Extinction Witness. Performances: April 2008 performance at Indiana University Bloomington presented in conjunction with a lecture from Dr. Lori Marino on cetacean intelligence and sentience, and April 2011 performance at Naropa University.

THE WHALE MEMORIAL DANCE was accepted for presentation at the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture’s 2010 annual conference in Perth, Australia. Insufficient funds prevented participation.  THE WHALE MEMORIAL DANCE was also accepted for workshop presentation to the International Ecopsychology Society Conference in Uruguay September 2017. Insufficient funds again prevented participation.