the moment she claimed her soul

was the moment just before the ring came off his finger

was just before the moment the ring was placed

on the counter, with two cards spread the dealer sees the whole deck

the only container sure enough to condemn a woman’s passion to servitude

is her own insecurity

the only thing powerful enough to free a woman is her own will

to be seen

the strength of her will determined by a single degree

of desperation

the two are closest companions, as like the same

desperation and passion, derived from one another

a concoction capable of leading her

to this choice moment, to whom

will she sell her soul next?

for still today a woman’s erotic potential is valued above all else

her sex, even a hint, is an easy sell if she is willing

the moment she becomes unwilling

is the moment she sets the forest ablaze, perplexed by what has been destroyed 

to create her

was it the lightning

the fire or the sun that revealed so many faces of the predator, such deranged

images of herself?






BLACKJACK is dedicated to women's voices.

I'm watching women, myself included, claim ourselves, our voices, and our lives full on and full out in response to the rape, desecration, and neglect of other women, their families, and their communities. 

BLACKJACK does not suggest that marriage, a commitment to someone or something, must be an act of selling one’s soul, only that it can be.

If a commitment keeps a woman from being honest to her passion for justice and wellbeing, she will live as good as dead in an attempt to maintain that commitment, or she will break that commitment and return to the original commitment she has with God, which is to be herself.

Women who claim their souls are most needed now. Women love fiercely and surely enough to refuse the further poisoning of children and husbands, the clear-cutting of forests, and the exploitation of others to sustain their own lives.

Women are the ones who give birth to an emotional bond that knows no severance because the other grows of, from, and within us. Men may receive this bond, yet they do not experience this in maturity other than to witness a woman who expresses this unconditional love and compassion without fail.

BLACKJACK is a prayer that women will be recognized for what they truly are: the fullest embodiment of passion.

Megan HollingsworthComment