Busted Open

“The absence of a welcoming village around a newborn may inadvertently

erase something in the psyche;

later on in life, that loss will be felt like a huge gap.”

Sobonfu Somé

August 2014, I participated in storytelling with Tell Us Something in Missoula, Montana. The theme for the evening was Busted. I told my story of being 'Busted Open', when I went out of my mind and into my heart after spontaneous Kundalini (life energy) emergence triggered during solitary orgasm. In the story, I speak of four things foolish to discuss.

Kundalini works to clear trauma from the system. In doing so, the mind becomes fresh and open, making conscious the subconscious and universal. One’s original potential is restored and the person becomes child-like in terms of emotional flexibility and reason. And, just as with the birth of a child, there is an infancy following spontaneous emergence—a period during which basic self-care and long-enjoyed skills, including reading and writing, can be the greatest challenge. During this time, the very basics of healthy food, shelter, and relations are essential for safe passage and peaceful integration of newly accessible information.

Please see below for some recommended reading on spiritual emergence. Given my experience and what I’ve observed of other’s, I believe that drugs hinder and/or prevent the healing process. Thus, individuals and communities lose great creative potential. As with the child’s earliest development, integrating these experiences need not be and is much less likely to become crisis when compassion (basic support and proper guidance) is offered from the beginning.

“Spiritual disillusionment occurs in the very place where one comes to seek relief from suffering.

It occurs in a context that demands an extreme degree of trust, surrender, and self-exposure, a context in which one has made an immense investment of oneself, thus been deeply complicit with whatever it is that has happened—whether or not one had a starring role in the drama.

It occurs within relationships that engender profound affection, admiration, attachment.

In sum: it occurs in the exact spot where one has laid up one’s greatest treasure.”

Noelle Oxenhandler / Broken Gold: Three dharma practitioners share stories of healing after a spiritual crisis, Tricycle Magazine

Meg and her son, August 2014, at Tell Us Something.

“When understood and treated in a supportive manner, spiritual emergences can become gateways to higher levels of functioning and new ways of being.”

Stanislav Grof, M.D. and Christina Grof, From Spiritual Emergency to Healing and Rebirth

The first two of the books I can recommend are specific to Kundalini emergence and the third addresses a variety of potentials, including near death experience. Gopi Krishna leans most toward warning of the potential hazards associated with spontaneous Kundalini emergence. All of the books provide information that can help guide individuals through the integration process. And can also help those interested in understanding the potentials.


by Gopi Krishna

KUNDALINI The Arousal of the Inner Energy

by Ajit Mookerjee


A Guide to Personal Growth Through Transformational Crisis

by Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, M.D.

THE STORMY SEARCH FOR SELF includes a chapter with recommendations for family and friends on how best to support loved ones through the spiritual integration process

Please follow Tell Us Something for more unrehearsed stories.