Creatively Mending Wounds - Cotati, CA

March 2016, I was invited to give a presentation on creativity and healing. Following are segments from the talk, beginning with gratitude offered at the start. Grateful thanks to Judith Newton for the invitation and to her family and the Frog Song co-housing community for hosting me and recording the presentation.

Information on ocean acidification at NOAA.

The community healing practice that I reference is from the Ndebele people of Southern Africa. The bowing gesture is about seeing ourselves and one another clearly, which is the heart of Knock On My Door, a welcoming poem written in 2014. I think I first learned of the practice through a share of Haikaa’s Facebook post. Please listen to Orland Bishop explain the meaning of the Zulu greeting Sawubona ("We see you") via Global Oneness Project.

Thoughts in ‘Wisdom of the Wound’ on the pain and suffering that combat veterans can endure is based on my own experience of self-torment. I do not claim to know all that veterans suffer and encourage a listen to the poetry written and read by veterans in the Reverberations of War tracks offered at EXTINCTION WITNESS Sound Cloud.

More of my poetry is also available at Sound Cloud.