Mothering Culture

"Joys are joys of the collective.

Problems are problems of the collective."

Sobonfu Somé (d. January 2017)

In this 2014 talk, Sobonfu Somé offered reflection on how her village functions due to the oneness worldview of the Mothering Culture. Below are just two examples of mothers who have stood for the well-being of all children even when this meant public shaming, alienation, and deprivation.

Sobonfu Somé (Burkina Faso, Africa) The Gift of Mothering - A (M)otherworld is Possible: Two Feminist Visions: Matriarchal Studies and the Gift Paradigm - See more at Gift Economy

Grand Mothers

Dolores Huerta (born 1930) co-founded the first farm workers unions with Cesar Chavez. Dolores suffered criticism from within and without the worker's rights movement and was beaten by police officers during a a peaceful street demonstration for healthy conditions and fair compensation for farm workers. At 88 years old, Dolores is very active yet. Please read about and support Dolores' and the Dolores Huerta Foundation's ongoing program work in systemic and structural transformation.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (1936 to 2018), Mother of the Nation, was a politician and opponent of apartheid in South Africa. From 1958 to 1992, she was married to lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela. The couple had two daughters between them. Winnie suffered criticism from within and without the anti-apartheid movement, enduring detainment, torture, and exile. Winnie's eldest daughter Zenani Dlamini spoke at Winnie's funeral. Please read Zenani's full speech via Mail & Guardian.