Extinction Witness Spring 2018 Project Update

With Feeling As We Carry On

Extinction Witness Spring 2018 Project Update / Posted 2.18.2018 by Meg


Overall Project Focus:

Community Health Advocacy & Facilitation through the Arts for a Peaceful Society

Extinction Witness' role is not solely to raise awareness of how dire circumstances are right now for multitudes, including migrating monarchs, but to do so creatively and compassionately whilst amplifying and fostering efforts toward individual and collectively vitality. 

Please Note:

We're heavy in production this spring gearing up for Orca Month in June, deepening new and longer existing collaborations, networking with Lucille's Memorials, editing and posting the 2014 to 2015 revolving monthly witness archives, RIGHTWORK film production and more. 

Immediate needs include $5,000 in financial support for finishing a RIGHTWORK film 

We estimate $5,000 to finish filming and remaining footage acquisition, animation, graphics (titles), final editing, and marketing. Please see FISHCUTTER for a sample of the films we're producing for RIGHTWORK. Please note that the Vimeo link for FISHCUTTER is private and is only shared at this time with prospective collaborators, including sponsors, like you.

RIGHTWORK is a huge undertaking and Mark White is devoted to this full-time for research and film editing and along with other contracted artists, including me. We're actively seeking collaborations and sponsorship. If you're interested and able to help, that's awesome, let's talk!

Please make a tax-deductible donation

via the Extinction Witness website or email me if you prefer another payment option. 

For more on project intent and spring 2018 activity please read on...

Revisiting project intent, grounding and reaching:

From the start, the intent with Extinction Witness has been to share and celebrate a multitude of aligned efforts while encouraging felt experience and processing of the grief associated with genocide, mass extinction and global warming. Remaining steady and fluid in 2018, we will hone the project focus by deepening new and longer existing collaborations. We're very grateful for financial support and cooperative relations that help us do our work.

I've spent much time and energy over the past few months revisiting the Extinction Witness project intent and revising the website to reflect work accomplished since 2012 and the program focus carrying on.

Two things are clear.

First, I'm not going to 'do it all' anymore. Aside from Lost Species Day gatherings, Extinction Witness project work has consisted rather exclusively of computer-based production and online communications from the start. This has nearly ruined my physiological health. I'm driven to this work with a fever inspired by the glaring absence of affective compassionate realistic communication in the social justice, mass extinction, and global climate change dialogues - nearly as loud as the situation is very dire right now for multitudes. I need help and am grateful for and working toward greater collaboration as sought from the beginning.

Second, we carry on with the original project intent to encourage a multitude of creative and solutions-focused efforts while practicing and supporting felt experience and creative processing of the grief associated with genocide, mass species extinction and global warming as a means of peacekeeping and clarifying other helpful actions. 

Community Health Advocacy & Facilitation through the Arts for a Peaceful Society

Extinction Witness produces creative compassionate communications on the relationship between personal and collective health, and provides support for psychospiritual regeneration.  Earth does not require healing so much as many humans are in need of healing and remembering ourselves. As individuals humans heal from long-lived trauma, so too, whole communities.

Spring 2018 Activities:

One of the relationships deepening is that with  Dark Matter: Women Witnessing, a journal initiated and edited by Lise Weil. Having enjoyed a mutually supportive relationship, encouraging and sharing of one another's efforts since Dark Matter's first issue (2014), the journal is with Extinction Witness project of Empowerment WORKS 501c3 as of February 2018, forwarding a shared intent to encourage and facilitate this creative expression while fostering intimacy among contributors.

I will participate in the Dark Matter community and contribute poetry to the journal as much as possible, at last relieving myself from writing at length in these Mail Chimp letters. It's been very challenging to let go of this practice, which, by the time Lise and I connected, had become my only anchor in the world. I'm very grateful that Lise and I share this passion and that Lise holds the publishing arm so graciously.

In 2018, Extinction Witness also continues to deepen commitment as a lead organizer in a growing coalition of artists, educators, museum curators, scientists and writers forwarding International Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th (RDLS). In 2015 and 2016, Extinction Witness facilitated Joy Giving Practice. In 2017, Extinction Witness sponsored two RDLS events at Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge in Oakland, California. This spring, the leadership team is in process of discerning the 2018 RDLS theme. Plans 2018 include a creative team pause to hone the RDLS message and plan of action for 2018 and beyond. 

Persephone Pearl, co-founder of RDLS, and I will continue to facilitate Mass Extinction Grief & Creativity forum and a monthly revolving creative witness practice along the lines of that offered in Extinction Witness Mail Chimp posts, February 2014 through September 2015. The Facebook group is supportive community for compassionate sharing of poetry, prose, and visual art produced in the grieving process. Group sharing is unstructured and members are not required to participate in the revolving witness practice. I will also work with Persephone and other Lost Species Day leaders to determine the theme for RDLS  2018, continue work on Extinction Witness sponsored events and production for RDLS 2018, and prepare for creative pause with the RDLS team summer 2018.

Otherwise, Spring 2018 will find us engaged yet in the creative work underground as we complete works long in production and carry on with visions, including Lucille's Memorials, a cooperative effort fostered by Extinction Witness, Pollinator Posse, and Earth Restoration Service to honor mothers of all walks for everyone’s benefit, for the long haul. This spring, we're focused on developing cooperative relations with individuals and groups engaged in planting and tending gardens, groves, and meadows globally. Please see the project website for the story of this work's beginnings and introduction to core team members.


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