Frog Song or DDT


There is a girl
feeding a frog
who lives in a glass cage
He is the last frog
so she feeds him
looks into his bulging eyes
and sees him soaring from the tree

They sing songs
until he dies
with her by his side

He was the last frog
he sang songs
she remembers
so she sings them
and though she will not live
to see the pond
or know the one
she calls for

Her song gives birth
to the first frog,

death is not real

Death is not real
Death is not real
The song, eternal


poem notes:

written International Remembrance Day for Lost Species, November 30th 2016, after the verse came through during Joy Giving practice, with gratitude for Toughie, the last Rabbs' fringed-limbed treefrog and also for the Frog Song Cohousing community, Cotati, California, where frog song yet fills the air. 

After studying environmental toxicology, I was certain that the extinction of many species, including homo sapiens, would be brought by intentionally manufactured chemicals and unforeseen byproducts of human industry and technology. So with chytrid fungus taking amphibians, I look to compromised immune systems resulting from an overload of now ubiquitous and relentless chemical assaults on the body. What surfaces as fungal infection is, rather, driven by failing immune system(s).

Heavy is the toxicology book, 1236 pages long with highlights
in the first two chapters, the two chapters I read
when I returned to school before closing the book on the debate.
The Basic Science of Poisons is almost as thick
as Webster’s International Encyclopedia
the same small font but with two columns instead of three
tables and figures instead of photographs. Heavier is the burden
of this information memorized by so few, misunderstood by most,
disputed by those whose opinions determine the fate of butterflies

Excerpt from III. THIRD INSTAR in Dance of the Butterfly

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By Rachel Carson

Toughie film credits:

Song - Begin it Now / Shibui, Subtle Beauty Suellen Primost - Cello & Mori Achen - Guitar used with Suellen's permission -

Mourning Gown (WIP) by Sherrell Biggerstaff Cuneo, founding artist & director Sew the SEEDS / endangered species community arts quilt project

Poem - Frog Song written & voiced by Megan Hollingsworth / initially spoken during Joy Giving practice Lost Species Day - 11.30.2016

Toughie Graphic - Frog Xtinction by Gloria Gypsy / created during meditation with lost Species Lost Species Day - 11.30.2016

International Remembrance Day for Lost Species November 30th #LostSpeciesDay

directed / edited by Megan Hollingsworth & Sherrell Biggerstaff Cuneo

2016 - ex·tinc·tion wit·ness - all respect

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