Busted Open

“Spiritual disillusionment occurs in the very place where one comes to seek relief from suffering.

It occurs in a context that demands an extreme degree of trust, surrender, and self-exposure,

a context in which one has made an immense investment of oneself,

thus been deeply complicit with whatever it is that has happened

—whether or not one had a starring role in the drama.

It occurs within relationships that engender profound affection, admiration, attachment.

In sum: it occurs in the exact spot where one has laid up one’s greatest treasure.”

Noelle Oxenhandler / Broken Gold: Three dharma practitioners share stories of healing after a spiritual crisis, Tricycle Magazine

August 2014, I participated in storytelling with Tell Us Something in Missoula, Montana. The theme for the evening was Busted.

I told my story of being 'Busted Open', when I went out of my mind and into my heart. In the story, I speak of four things foolish to discuss.

Meg and her son, August 2014, at Tell Us Something.

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