Frog Song or DDT

"Currently 41% of amphibian species
are threatened with extinction,

making amphibians the most threatened
group of vertebrates.

Threats facing amphibians, such as habitat loss,
pollution and disease, have lead to

drastic declines in species globally."
- Steve Allain, amphibian biologist
'Grieving Amphibians' 

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Megan HollingsworthComment
Bioneers 2016 Highlights

My own agenda during Bioneers 2016 was directed as much by my passion for interspecies and intraspecies peacemaking as by trauma and to receive support for my healingThankfully, Bioneers conference serves this personal agenda with understanding that one's personal health status reflects and contributes to the community's health status. These are some of my highlights with link to official Bioneers highlights provided.

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Megan HollingsworthComment