mother & scribe

the field and the forest


you the water bearer said in your all knowing way

when we were kids

we would have fallen to the ground laughing

        when i catch you


as you always would

because you are the boy and i am the girl


i the girl fish said in my foolish girl fish way

i may not be faster than you

but i can still outrun you

        because i know the secret of endurance


you said

i would catch you anyway

        because you want to be caught by me


i said

yes, that is true         i do


and what would happen when i catch you?


we would fall to the ground laughing.


and then?


we would catch our breath

flat out on our backs


when we were kids

playing chase


and one day

you rolled to your side

as you always did to look at me

before you took off again

and because you felt like a man

you surprised me with our first kiss


and soon as the shock of lightning wore off

and i found strength to kiss you back

you let go your grip, pulled away and hovered with your eyes closed


and because we always have to part from the field of dreams

and the forest is deep and dark

i said

maybe i’ll see you again?

and you said

yes, maybe.


and then because i felt like a woman

i said

      i love you

and you said

     i love you too


and then we set off like kids again

running through the forest

only now it is me trying to catch you

and every time i feel like giving up because you are faster than me

i remember the secret of endurance

is in your kiss

and with longing enough to last eternity

i pick myself up

and run steady as i can toward the light