mother & scribe

what is possible if everything is lost

what is left
when the marriage dissolves
by way of soul cutting judgments
with a child left between,
but a return to the compassion
we once knew?
what is left
when all the money is gone
while the debt of dishonesty lingers
like a tower over a coward,
but to pursue integrity
with the passion of a soul restored?
what is left
when true love is missed
leaving moments of bliss awake
in a body so alive,
but to follow Spirit with peace
grateful for such pleasure untold?
what is left
after the last great elephant falls
prey to the emptiness that consumes
every one inside and outside and inside again,
but to bare a 60 ~pound heart
beating with the rhythm of the tides?
what is left
when the whole world passes
with this darkness of knowing
without a sweet dream to spare,
but to nurture the possibility of light
in an open mind?