mother & scribe

your mother's one request


If there was a feeling I could give you, like a memory

that comes alive in your chest spreading through your limbs

it would be the feeling I felt when you first appeared in my arms

the pain of moments ago vanished in a gulf of gratitude that was more

than gratitude, joy that was more than joy, that was this everything

impossible for words; it would be the memory I have of keeping you near

as close as possible at all times, responding on cue to lessen

a new distance between us that you knew nothing of. Your breath said

one, not two of one extended.

I would help you see, if I could, the hours spent gazing at your face.

This world is what it is, tearing us apart so completely,

you may die a thousand times before your death. When you feel alone in the forest

please remember this love so big so pure; please remember I fell on sight of you.

See if you will your precious feet through my eyes, touch them for me

I would kiss them if I could



for Elias Winter Drimal