mother & scribe

wild memories of a future

in my wildest dreams

we are frolicking, through the house where you

just tagged me in the kitchen, with a wink

the chase is on and you are off

running up the stairs, out through the bedroom window

in through another, to find me tucked on the other side of the door, startled

to falling, someone forgot who has been the one chased and the one chasing

in the fun house

in my wildest dreams we are playing on the beach, you are building

a sand castle and I am baking sand pies, something to admire of these four hands

to admire until the tide washes our labor away, leaving bodies knitted

beating hearts and long bones, make a single cloth blanketing two souls from the chill of evening's beach

in my wildest dreams we are safe together in the world compassion creates

a container called home


Megan HollingsworthComment