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Eli (5 years close to 6) and I have made a pact that when we are alone together, I am off social media. And because he is a young child and I am his mother, every bit responsible for his being and well-being, and I happen to believe there is yet a chance to stop Earth from spinning out in total oblivion on our human watch, when I am not alone with Eli, I will be online, on social media, and anywhere else I am to communicate these top ten requests:

1. yet unharvested fossil fuels be left underground

2. harvested fossil fuels be used sparingly when absolutely necessary and in regenerative efforts such as those exhibited in INHABIT and PLANETARY (films)

3. remaining intact forest be left intact and fragmented forest be encouraged to reconnect

4. pollution be addressed at the source point

5. pollution, material and chemical, loosed in waters, soil, and air be attended to before another mother and/or child is killed by ammunition; "You are not leaving this house to go to fight club until you clean up your room." see 'live unbruised, we are friends'

6. it be universally understood that society is an entity inclusive of all beings

7. it be known all beings are majestic; due of respect and reciprocity in relationship

8. everyone has something to offer

9. the able-bodied of all walks be free to make their natural and authentic contribution

10. kindness and civility be the primary motions of every interaction

Please read William Falk's recent post, Loving a child, protecting the future, inspired by what it is to hold a just born human child; a bursting love.

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