mother & scribe


"Wow, it's amazing what you can find in the woods..." - the Backson

Saturday July 16, 2016, i gave myself half-day off work and spent that half-day walking solo among redwoods of Roy's Redwoods Open Space Reserve, Marin County, California. most of my time was spent on the David Hansen spur trail. the photos are in order of when they were taken along the way. both the half-day off and venturing are rare events for me. i enjoy sharing such experiences with other humans. thus, the photographs. the passion that drives me to communicate the need to protect the most vulnerable to exploitation is the passion that keeps me from experiencing long stints of delight amidst them. this day, i touched big trees. i wept, sang, and listened. what i heard was longing for communion. no matter how far, death is near. what is truly sought near death other than to know closeness with the beloved? and what is recovered but union when that closeness is known? i rushed home thinking i would write and slept the afternoon... i'll be back soon.