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water, the bearer of 'I'*

Water is the vehicle of consciousness moving through every body.

Or, rather, water carries 'I' - awareness. As much as I require water to survive, 'I' is the constant part of me. 

Or, 'I' is the reflective nature that is pure awareness. 

'I', or pure awareness, appears separate yet is one consciousness channeled by way of myriad forms that engage one another in process of regenerating the differentiated whole. 

Self-appreciation and self-judgment are, thus, transpersonal. Or, one might say,  contagious.

Self-judgment contributes delusion. Self-appreciation contributes clearness. 

Pooled water provides an honest reflection.
False pretense, or self-deception, is eventually revealed in stillness. 

*revised from notes originally written while driving 8.21.2016

Megan HollingsworthComment