"It is a curious fact that all the very old Sequoias have lost their heads by lightning." 

- John Muir

The poem WILDFIRE was written and the film produced after I decided to live and create in light of what felt to be a most unjust loss. The deeper story behind the production, specifically the photographs with ‘Discovery Tree’, is conflicted.

Were I to do this over, the ceremony I was engaged in would not have been recorded. The film would not exist.

With respect for the MiWok people (also spelled MeWuk or MiWuk depending on specific band or location), please read Points of Action for decolonization at Indigenous Women Who Hike. For information on living with wildfire, please read Learning to coexist with wildfire, Max A. Moritz et al., Nature volume515, pages58–66 (06 November 2014).