Joy is the gem of experience from which sorrow grows. 

It is Joy that sorrow protects.



Extinction Witness

a project of Empowerment WORKS 501c3

With a reasoned sense of urgency, Extinction Witness practices and facilitates peaceful creatively fierce public expression of chronic grief, encouraging non-violent conflict resolution and catalyzing the current shift to a universally compassionate exchange of goods and services.

1.1.2018 Extinction Witness Needs & Intentions

THE LONELIEST DREAM - a short poetic film for free-flowing rivers 

Promised funding failed to come through to complete this short featuring orca, salmon, grizzly, spruce tree and more. $5,000 is required to finish illustration, animation, titles, final edit, and support marketing. Please read more and support as you're able. Thank you!

LUCILLE's REGENERATIVE MEMORIALS - a cooperative effort of Extinction Witness and Pollinator Posse to honor mothers of all walks for everyone’s benefit

Lucille’s Regenerative Memorials are united by intent to encourage public displays of grief while supporting the human grieving process within the context of life’s complete cycle of birth, decay, death, and birth. In addition to providing areas for quiet reflection and mourning ritual both free of and of any religious doctrine, Lucille’s Regenerative Memorials can provide edibles free for harvest without monetary exchange. More at Extinction Witness.

LOST SPECIES DAY - a global movement  honoring extinct species whilst encouraging endangered species to remain and thrive

Extinction Witness is one in a growing coalition of artists, educators, museum curators, scientists and writers forwarding International Remembrance Day for Lost Species. Visioning for 2018 Procession at Lake Merritt has begun as part of an intention to help encourage and support more events throughout North America. More on the history of Lost Species Day at Extinction Witness


Participants in this group support one another in the creative process of transmuting chronic grief associated with genocide, mass species extinction, and global warming. As of December 2017, there's invitation to engage Monthly Creative Witness Practice. More at Facebook.

FOREST ADVOCACY - communications on forest protection and regeneration as related to changes in global biodiversity and climate

Loss of virgin forest is more than a loss of carbon sequestering trees and soils. This is the loss of whole communities - individuals and their relationships. The loss of social and cultural diversity. And the loss of real social security basic to one’s survival. With intent to collaborate more closely moving forward, Extinction Witness maintains a list and promotes the work of several organizations fully devoted to maintaining and expanding intact forest communities. More at Extinction Witness.


About Extinction Witness

Extinction Witness was originally initiated (December 2011) to support those who are informed about the 6th mass extinction, know the climate science, and live in “a world of wounds”, which has largely been under the radar outside academia and community advocacy circles until recently.

Awareness of mass species extinction is thankfully growing as the situation grows extremely dire. Extinction Witness also, thus, celebrates the rapid response in play at the personal and collective or systems scale.

The present mass extinction of species can be allayed, near term human extinction is an uncertainty, and biological and cultural diversity can and are being revived. 

Still, we are in the midst of massive loss with more, as always, to come.

There is non-dual reality. This peace is accessible any moment. Death is and is not real.

The real loss, we grieve. The growing practice of creative mourning rituals for lost and endangered species represents a healthy, healing, and hopeful response to awareness of mass species extinction. Embodied creative grieving relieves the emotions associated with past, present, and anticipated loss so as to maintain spiritual vitality and avoid suffering the absolute pain of perceived separation.