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Extinction Witness

Artist's Statement: The present mass extinction of species can be allayed, a near term human extinction can be avoided, and many who are now on the edge of existence can be revived. Let's see if R. Buckminster Fuller was correct in his assertion that all human beings can enjoy the essentials of comfort if more is created from less. Let's see everyone included in the equation, to see human genius put to the test for everyone's benefit and celebrate that. Let's grieve together that our others actions may be free of heroism that costs everyone more as heroes are applauded, yet extravagance continues. I practice to my greatest ability what I preach and offer what I can and all of myself in service to peace. - meg

Joy is the gem of experience from which sorrow grows. 

It is Joy that sorrow protects.

- meg


Extinction Witness

Driven by a reasoned sense of urgency, Extinction Witness fosters peaceful conflict resolution and catalyzes the current shift to a universally compassionate exchange of goods and services.

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Extinction Witness is a global arts project of Empowerment WORKS 501c3.  DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE AS ALLOWED BY LAW.